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Well, hello there! I’m Shannon and welcome to The Bryer Patch. Thanks for stopping by. Grab a cup of tea and let me tell you a little bit about myself. In Kindergarten, my teacher noted on my report card that I played well with scraps. Maybe that was the first clue about my future in sewing. However, I only really started to sew with regularity in 2010 after I enrolled in a class for beginners. Even before I walked into the classroom, I knew I wanted to make tote bags. I can’t really explain why ~ I just did! That hasn’t changed one bit. Read more »

Customer Kudos

"Oh My Gosh!!!! Shannon, you are brilliant`. I absolutely LOVE this, it is so adorable!!! Thank you so much! I will be going to the Gannyfest so I can pick them up then, I can't wait to use them.!"
`Cathie, London, ON.

"I recently ordered two medium-sized totes as gifts for my nieces. Shannon surpassed all expectations and delivered the most beautiful, custom totes imaginable. The girls will cherish the bags for years to come!"
Lisa B., Newmarket, ON.

"Arynn and the kids loved the bags!! Thanks again!".
Natalie, Ottawa, ON.

"The bags for the boys were a big hit! They LOVED them. So cute!"
Lindsay, Orangeville, ON.

"The bag was a big hit. She had a small bag that she carried her essentials in and she really needed a larger bag...and now she has a lovely one with her name it!!" Wendy, Collingwood ON.